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The English version “Selfish Compass” has been released on Youtube.
(Japanese name “Wagamama Rashinban”)

Th ...


When I arranged a lot, something nostalgic came out.

Do you know that the present child is “K-ON!” ...

English, Music, VOCALID

The original song “Wagamama Rashinban(Selfish Compass)” has been released.

I made this song about three years a ...

English, Music, VOCALID

I posted the emergency alert arrangement version I made before on youtube.

It’s emergency alert used on J ...

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Strip paint

I will peel off the paint.

This is where you can feel the guitar refining.

I’ve watched ...

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I will pick up the pickups and pods.

The important thing is

“Do it while recording”

I t ...

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Probably the first stumbling point at the guitar finish

“Remove the stud bolt”

I don’t ...

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Check out the various guitar refinish videos on Youtube

“I want to do it”

I bought around a t ...